Mr Richard Kuppusamy

Richard, 44 years old, is an accomplished architect and President of the Disabled People’s Association. Born with congenital Spina Bifida resulting in paraplegia, he is a passionate disability advocate who has worked on award-winning landmark projects to enhance accessibility for the disabled community.

He is nominated by Handicaps Welfare Association.

Dawn-joy, 56 years old, is a researcher, multi-artist, board member of the Disabled People’s Association and one of the founding directors of K9 Assistance (Ltd). Diagnosed as autistic at the age of 42, she is a disability advocate and mentor for aspiring artists and researchers who has published, performed and exhibited her transdisciplinary work internationally.

She is nominated by Very Special Arts Singapore.

Chin Heng, 71 years old, was born with profound hearing loss and dedicated his life to teaching for more than 45 years. He is a pioneer in the field of education for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Singapore and was instrumental in introducing various teaching approaches and sign languages used locally.

He is nominated by Singapore Association for the Deaf.


Joan: Going beyond the limits – Conquering challenges in sports.

  987 DJ Sonia Chew spent a day getting to know Joan Hung, a Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards 2021 Promise Awardee. Joan was born with visual impairment, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her passion for sports. She has represented Singapore in Goalball in the ASEAN Para Games in 2015 and 2022, […]

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Amirul: Overcoming obstacles and living life to the fullest

  WARNA 942 DJ A B Shaik spent a day getting acquainted with Amirul Afiq, a beneficiary of the Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund. Amirul was born deaf, but he has never allowed his disability to deter him from living life to the fullest. The Fund aided Amirul in purchasing a cochlear implant, which allowed […]

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Fengze: Bonding over their love for all things superheroes

  Richie Koh and Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund beneficiary Fengze spent the day together and bonded over their love for all things superheroes. Diagnosed with autism and Pierre Robin Syndrome, which causes breathing difficulties, Fengze is unable to communicate verbally and requires constant care and supervision from his parents to ensure his safety. You […]

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Navin: A force for good – Championing the advent of wheelchair accessible public transport

  Oli 968 artiste Anand K spent a day with Dr Navin Nair, Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards 2022 Promise Awardee, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. He became a force for good, working with the Land Transport Authority and SMRT in their efforts to support persons with disabilities in navigating the public […]

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Mary on the move

Weekends are always busy for 41-year-old Executive Assistant, Mary Sagaya; like most, she spends quality time with her family either visiting various parks or going shopping. It has been six years since Mary purchased her motorised wheelchair with aid from the Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund (GCTEF), which Mary shared, has allowed her to once […]

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The inspirational grit and tenacity of an eight-year-old: Ho Wen Xi

An enthusiastic seeker of knowledge with an inquisitive mind, eight-year-old Ho Wen Xi loves learning and reading. Like most girls her age, she also enjoys getting crafting and playing dress up. However, behind that sweet smile is a story of a tenacious girl who is facing multiple health struggles. Wen Xi was born with Fanconi […]

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