Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund

The Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund (GCTEF) is a community fund which aims to help build a society where persons with disabilities are recognised for their abilities and lead full, socially integrated lives. Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong is the Patron of the fund.

The fund is administered by SG Enable, and supported by Mediacorp.

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Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards Awardees Performing at the Community Chest Charity Show
Providing Financial Aid & Supporting Aspirations


Enhancing Employability


Supporting Inclusion


Goh Chok Tong Enable Awards Awardees Performing at the Community Chest Charity Show

It really helped to lift the burden off our shoulders and we didn’t have to worry about paying that amount of money (for a new wheelchair).

Akram Ramadan Misrawi, GCTEF Beneficiary
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Our Stories

Everyone has a story to tell, a perspective to share. It is our privilege to do so on behalf of our beneficiaries, supporters and caregivers.

8 April 2020

Last Mile Help Hits Home

Heng Lye Nging has not had it easy. Her only child, Lina, was born with developmental delay, autism and hearing impairment, something she only confirmed when her child was three years old. Lina is now 24. “

I suspected something was wrong because she wasn’t behaving like other children. She started babbling at eight months but stopped soon after. She never learnt to walk. She didn’t play with other children,” recalled Madam Heng.

It took several visits to various hospitals before Lina’s disabilities were diagnosed. Madam Heng’s in-laws could not accept the girl’s…

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8 April 2020

ABLE To Help

ABLE began with a vision that the physically challenged should not be left behind in society. That singular idea led to the founding of Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE) in 2009 which sits under Caritas Singapore, the official social and community arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

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8 April 2020

Care Carnival for Caregivers

Raising one child with special needs is challenging enough. Raising three puts unimaginable stress and strain on the family. Yet, this is Annette Chua’s reality. Annette’s six-year-old son is suspected to have autism. She is also caring for her nephews who both have autism. The older boy who is 11 is also being treated for depression and anxiety while his nine-year-old brother is being tested for learning disabilities.

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Friends of GCTEF

Friends of GCTEF is a network of individual and corporate donors who have made a multi-year pledge to the Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund (GCTEF). Their ongoing support not only helps sustain existing work, but allows for the charity to serve more persons with disabilities, caregivers and individuals per year. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to these key donors for believing in our mission and for generously supporting us thus far.  

Diamond Supporter:

Silver Supporter:

Mr Heng Chiang Hai

Interested in becoming a supporter and joining the Friends of GCTEF network? Reach out to us at enquiries@gctenablefund.sg