Mr Palani Samy Avaday

Palani Samy, 72 years old, is the co-founder of the Handicaps Welfare Association, a passionate sportsman and an active grassroots leader serving the disadvantaged in the community. With an acquired disability due to contracting polio at a young age, he leads by example to show that a person with disability can be both an integral member of society and a positive influence on others in the community. 

He is nominated by Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd.

Theresa, 35 years old, is a Paralympic bronze medallist who was born with congenital spina bifida and a deaf left ear. She was the first Paralympian to be elected to the Singapore National Olympic Council’s Athletes Commission and has introduced the world of para sports to Singaporeans through her journey of representing the country for close to 20 years.

She is nominated by Singapore Disability Sports Council.

Lee Lee, 55 years old, is a theatre and film producer, writer, and actor, a dedicated inclusivity champion in the arts sector, and the first blind Advance Certificate in Learning and Performance facilitator under the Workforce Skills Qualifications framework. Born prematurely with congenital cataracts which led to total blindness, she is also a strong advocate for the use of guide dogs as a mobility aid for the visually impaired in Singapore.

She is nominated by ART:DIS Singapore.

Darren, 46 years old, has an acquired disability due to a near fatal stroke. Refusing to let his circumstances get the better of him, he is now an Empowerment Coach who uses his personal experiences to help others realise their strengths and gifts.

He is nominated by Ms Christine Sim.

Qing Hui, 30 years old, was diagnosed with intellectual disability when he was in primary school. He chose to focus on his strengths instead of his limitations, and was recently elected the Co-Chairperson of Special Olympics Asia Pacific’s Regional Athlete Leadership Council from 2022 to 2024.

He is nominated by APSN Tanglin School.

Jaspreet, 42 years old, was born with Down syndrome. She worked hard to broaden her skillsets, and today, is a dedicated performing artist and a firm advocate for persons with disabilities, who has been instrumental in raising public awareness of the disability community over the last two decades.

She is nominated by MINDS.

Justin, 24 years old, was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at a young age. Despite his condition, he graduated from Singapore Management University with the highest distinctions, is a talented musician, and a disability inclusion advocate, who is passionate about championing a stronger and more inclusive community.

He is nominated by SPD.

Jason, 44 years old, has an acquired disability due to a serious bacterial infection. Fitted with prosthetics, the avid sports enthusiast is now able to participate in high-intensity activities and hopes to use sport as a force for social good as a member of Sport Singapore’s SportCares team.

He is nominated by SportCares, Sport Singapore.

June, 38 years old, was born with Down syndrome. She is a passionate disability inclusion advocate and a co-founding member of Diverse Abilities Dance Collective, which enables aspiring artists with disabilities to work towards their goal of becoming semi-professional art-makers and co-trainers.

She is nominated by Down Syndrome Association (Singapore).

Luo Mang, 21 years old, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She is a dedicated performing artist who, at the age of 15, gave her first solo dance performance at the opening of the 8th ASEAN Para Games in Singapore.

She is nominated by Autism Association (Singapore).

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Gift from one, hope for many

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Fintech firm Aleta Planet’s new foundation donates S$100,000 to Mediacorp Enable Fund

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Mediacorp Enable Fund launches initiative to support persons with disabilities, their caregivers during Covid-19 crisis

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