Providing Aid and Fulfilling Aspirations

Being born with skeletal dysplasia did not stop his family from encouraging him. Being unable to walk and hold things properly did not prevent him from playing badminton. But being unable to afford the right sports wheelchair did stand in the way of Akram Ramadan Misrawi’s dream to be a national para-badminton athlete.

Without financial aid, without organisations to open doors for them, without someone to support their cause, many with disabilities would be too mired in the challenges of daily living to pursue their dreams. They would not have the resources to develop their skills and talents.

Fulfilling aspirations is about giving those with disabilities help to rise above their circumstances so they can soar. We fund musical dreams, sporting efforts, artistic endeavours, culinary classes, IT aspirations, career ambitions, business enterprises, and education and training programmes. With your help, we can fuel more hopes, realise more dreams.

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