Supporting Inclusion

In kindergarten, she didn’t have any friends. One teacher pinched and hit her in anger. Another, frustrated that she could not follow instructions, crushed her artistic dreams.

But 16-year-old Jolie Lim is neither ill-behaved nor recalcitrant. She has autism, a disability that many still do not understand. All Jolie wants is for society to realise that those with autism are neither weird nor strange. Just different, and even interesting.

People with disabilities are often overlooked, misunderstood, unfairly labelled. They have a harder time being accepted as “one of us”. Many just do not seem to know how to treat them. But people with disabilities deserve to be included. They are part of our community. They are part of our Singapore.

Help us create greater awareness, understanding and empathy. Join us by supporting and sharing stories of our beneficiaries, caregivers and inclusive events held.

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